Verse of The Day

In God I trust; I will not be afraid, What can man do to me?

Psalm 56:11

Friday, March 18, 2011

That's My King!!

That's my King!!! I don't know about you....but my God is a GREAT God!! My King is the King of the Jews, He's the King of Israel.....HE's the KING OF KINGS!!!!!  I guess my question for you today (or rather Dr. S.M. Lockridge's question) is....Do you know Him?!?!?

I mean REALLY know Him?!?!? I don't mean that you have been to church every Sunday, or that you hear about Him on Christmas and Easter...I mean "DO YOU KNOW HIM?!?!?"

I will tell you one thing today.....He is worth getting to know!! Don't become content with your head knowledge of Him...get to know Him!!!

We were talking earlier today about this one ladies blog that we all wanted to follow. But, Tara mentioned that she was so big (as in famous) she wouldn't follow you back. I want to tell you today that no matter how MASSIVE my God is....He WILL follow you back!!!!! The Bible says if you seek Him, you WILL find Him!!! Don't be satisfied with the relationship you have now with God.....Go DEEPER!!!

Honestly, this movie gets me every time. I have probably watched this clip a hundred times. I typed every word out and memorized it all.....and all because I simply REFUSE to settle with what I now know, understand or comprehend of my God!! He is so incredible, you can't descripe, define or really understand Him....if He is that big, don't you thing He has something still bigger for you?!?!?! I don't care if you are the best pastor in the world, or the worst person to every walk this earth, He still has a bigger, deeper, stronger and more awesomely incredible relationship He wants to have with you!!!

Do You Know Him?!?!?!

Going deeper,


  1. This is really inspiring. Thanks for posting! :) I want to know Him like that even deeper!

  2. This is powerful hannah! You are a super good writer!

  3. Thanks Nate!!! and thanks for following!!!

  4. Your welcome !!! Keep writing!!!

  5. Your welcome! Keep writing!!!